Fire Safe Camp Meeker has only one message, but we need many different ways to express that message:

  • sometimes we're communicating with Camp Meeker residents and property owners
  • sometimes we're communicating with outside organizations
  • some outside organizations are mostly interested in ecology and the environment
  • some outside organizations are mostly interested in wildfire mitigation
  • sometimes we only have enough time to give people a memorable phrase
  • sometimes people want to know our plan in intricate detail


One of the most powerful versions of our message is a photograph of a mature redwood forest.

You can see this photograph at the top of every page of this website, on event banners and business cards.

The photo shows how spectacular a healthy redwood forest is, not just because of the trees but also because of the ferns and wildflowers between the trees.

The other obvious thing is how little fuel there is between the trees in a healthy redwood forest. If we restore the forest closer to what it was before it was logged, then the wildfire risk will be greatly reduced.


"Restore The Forest, Make Camp Meeker Safe"

This is the official motto for the project.

It's designed to be very memorable, and also capture the essence of what we want to do, and how we want to do it.

By distilling the message to its most basic components, the motto can serve as a rallying point around which the community can unite. We believe that all of our residents want the forest around the residential area of Camp Meeker, as well as along the escape routes, to look more like Muir Woods or Armstrong Woods, and everyone wants Camp Meeker to be made safer from the danger of wildfire.


In Hollywood an elevator pitch is a brief description of a movie idea which a screenwriter gives to a movie producer during a short elevator ride. The screenwriter's goal is to get the producer to say, "tell me more".

The "inside elevator pitch" is aimed at residents and landowners within the community. We are still working on the exact wording, but we expect it to describe how Fire Safe Camp Meeker can help create a more environmentally healthy and fire safe community by:

  • educating, organizing and equipping the community to harden their homes, create defensible space and make evacuation safer
  • organizing the community into COPE ("Citizens Organized To Prepare For Emergencies") groups
  • working with experts and the community to create an effective Community Wildfire Protection Plan
  • obtaining outside resources to do work which the community is unable to do for itself


"Fire Safe Camp Meeker aims to create a Model Community to demonstrate how a modern population can restore a Coastal Redwood watershed and live in a sustainable and safe relationship with it. This Model Community will be a place which other coastal redwood community leaders can visit for inspiration and education so they can value and restore the environments in which they live."

The outside elevator pitch explains the project in a memorable way to environmental organizations and fire organizations outside our commmunity.

We're going to a great deal of effort to ensure that the restoration and fire safety model we create in Camp Meeker can be copied and replicated by other coastal redwood communities in California. That's why the Cal Fire grant we received includes money for the production of a brochure called "Wildfire Safety In A Coastal Redwood Community".

We're also working hard to ensure that outside groups which support our project are getting the maximum value for their time, money and other contributions. By developing a template which can be used elsewhere, these outside groups can be sure that their contributions will have a major impact not just in Camp Meeker, but throughout California.


"Fire Safe Camp Meeker seeks to restore the forest in and around Camp Meeker closer to its state before it was logged, in order to enhance the ecological health of the watershed and to minimize the risk of high intensity wildfire to the welfare of the forest, its fauna and flora and the human inhabitants of the area. We will educate, organize and equip the community to remove excess fuel in the forest, eliminate invasive species, and make fire less likely to move between homes and the forest."

The mission statement describes the valuable assets which we want to enhance and preserve, specifically the flora, fauna, human inhabitants and homes within the upper Dutch Bill Creek watershed.

It also says that the means by which we will accomplish this will be restoration of the forest by invasive species removal and fuel reduction. As it suggests, the other necessary component of the project involves decreasing the fire risk of structures.


This project began when a proposal document was started in December of 2017. It describes a "Defensible Space Entity" which came into reality as Fire Safe Camp Meeker.

The 15 page proposal document goes into considerable detail about why the community should act to reduce wildfire risk, what can be done to reduce that risk, and how the work can be achieved.

It prioritizes the work, so that the creation of shaded fuel breaks along all 13 miles of internal roads within Camp Meeker happens within the first 5 years, facilitating evacuation and making it harder for wildfires to start and spread.

It then suggests that restoration of the remaining forest to a "base line" of improved health and safety would likely take 20 years, with ongoing maintenance after that.

The proposal document recommends that the best way to achieve the work is by mobilizing residents to do the straightforward work within the community, and receiving grants and other outside help to do more difficult work such as removing large problem trees such as dead tan oaks located near houses and roads.


In December of 2018 Fire Safe Sonoma and Gold Ridge Resource Conservation District worked together with the steering committee of Fire Safe Camp Meeker to request grant monies from the Cal Fire fire prevention grant program.

In April of 2019 we learned that Cal Fire had approved $77,560 to fund expert assistance for the community to produce a Community Wildfire Protection Plan.

This CWPP will be the fullest expression of the Fire Safe Camp Meeker message. It will incorporate much of the material from the proposal document, and add much more related to home hardening, a topic which is almost completely absent from the original proposal. At that point, the proposal document will be obsolete and no longer an official expression of our message.

Preparation of the CWPP involves six Planning Team meetings and three public meetings. Once the final draft is completed in the summer of 2021, the CWPP will be signed by our district supervisor, Cal Fire, a community representative and other key participants. We will then seek funding for implementation of the things which residents are unable to do on their own.


Fire Safe Camp Meeker's monochrome logo is very simple, but deceptively subtle and sophisticated.

It depicts the trees and wildlife of our community, but perhaps its most powerful impact is the strong sense of optimism and positivity which it conveys.

It's true that Camp Meeker is at great risk of wildfire, but it's equally true that if we all work together as a community then over time we can make this a very safe place to live.


We took two different approaches to designing a logo and found that people were evenly divided on which they preferred, so we decided to think way out of the box, and use both of them in different circumstances.

Where the monochrome logo is subtle and sophisticated, the color logo is primitive and almost childlike.

The color logo is literalistic and full of content. It portrays the forest, Dutch Bill Creek, the coho salmon which live in the creek and the residents of Camp Meeker in their role as stewards of the beautiful environment where we live.

The color logo has only been used at large sizes, we would have to make the lines and text thicker if we wanted to use it at a small size.