What's a CWPP?

A CWPP is a federally defined document which describes how a community will prepare for wildfire. Experts and the community work together to decide what to do to make Camp Meeker less likely to burn in a catastrophic wildfire, and how to make it easier for people to evacuate if a fire does happen.

There are three legally-mandated requirements for a CWPP:

Tell Us About This $77,000 Grant!

In October of 2018, Fire Safe Camp Meeker asked the University of California Cooperative Extension whether they could help us make our community safer from wildfires by restoring the surrounding forest. The result was a series of meetings with representatives from Cal Fire, Fire Safe Sonoma and Gold Ridge RCD to write a fire prevention grant offered by Cal Fire.

You can read the original grant application, which was submitted on December 19, 2018, or a more readable version of the grant application, rearranged with the questions and responses color-coded and closer together.

In April of 2019 we learned that the grant, for a total of $77,560, had been approved. The money will become available in September of 2019, and the grant period ends on March 15, 2022.

The grant will be administered by our fiscal sponsor, North Coast Resource Conservation and Development Council, who will disburse the money as milestones are reached.

How Will The Money Be Spent?

All fire prevention grants awarded by Cal Fire fall into one of three categories:

The grant we were awarded is a planning grant to prepare a CWPP, so the money cannot be used for education or implementation of the work. Instead, the money will pay for the time and expenses of a Planning Team of fire and environmental experts, as well as public meetings where the project will be described, questions answered, and suggestions received for incorporation into the CWPP as appropriate.

Pages 17 and 18 of the grant application give full details of how the money will be spent, but here are some of the main expenses, in dollars:

CWPP coordination 14,600
Planning Team meeting facilitation 14,500
project management and outreach 12,798
lead scientist 9,240
registered professional forester 3,774
mapping specialist 3,496
bookkeeping 1,958
mileage for Planning Team members 982
postage for keeping community informed 515
"Wildfire Safety In A Coastal Redwood Community" pamphlet 500
printed supplies 655
Anderson Hall rental for public meetings 375
food and drink for 9 meetings 300

What's The Timeline For This Project?

Pages 12 and 13 of the grant application has the full timeline for the project, but here are some of the highlights:

Fall 2019 first Planning Team meeting
Spring 2020 "The Big Bang", the first public meeting
Spring 2020 second Planning Team meeting
Summer 2020 third Planning Team meeting
Fall 2020 fourth Planning Team meeting
second public meeting
Winter 2020 Planning Team drafts the CWPP
Spring 2021 fifth Planning Team meeting, to review the CWPP
third community meeting to discuss the CWPP
Summer 2021 sixth Planning Team meeting, to present the final draft
CWPP is signed and made public
Fall 2021 we start to apply for implementation funding