Minutes Of Dutch Bill and Salmon Creek Neighborhood Meeting Number One

January 18, 2019

This meeting was for kicking off a community effort around fire safety and other related topics of interest. Our goal was to initiate the process by spending a couple hours together, introducing ourselves to each other, having a conversation, and to organizing around what people thought most important.

The gathering started at 4:00 at Will and Julie Parish Family’s Longhouse. Julie kicked off the meeting with a welcome message. Standing in a circle, everyone introduced themselves with their name, property affiliation and expectations for the meeting.

The group then boarded the “Calistoga Wagons” that Jim Blake generously loaned to us. Matt and Joel drove the wagons slowly to Hut Hill.

At Hut Hill, Craig introduced the group to the Hut Hill Echo and we all listened for how many times we could hear our group yell bounce off the watersheds’ hillsides. He explained the LandPaths’ vision.

Jim Daniel explained the Bohemian Grove’s approach to land management for fire safety and showed a map which demonstrates that we are all in this together. There have been no fires to the south, west or east of the grove in the last few decades vs scattered forest to the north, west and east. The fuel load has built up during that time. Erin Mulligan explained LandPaths’ approach with its similarities and differences. Summarily, that LandPaths utilizes hand crews – on regularly scheduled stewardship days open to the public – to reduce fuel ladders in our forest at Bohemia. Further, that LandPaths has been working with at least one state grant program to insure our fire-redux work follows best management practices and is under the oversight of a registered forester.

As darkness settled in, the Calistoga Wagons carried everybody back to the Longhouse where the meeting continued.

With snacks and beverages, we discussed, popcorn style, topics to align our group’s efforts around common goals. Here is a list of the topics that I have grouped together:

Fire hazard reduction

  • Fuel management
  • Timber harvesting to maximize wildlife habitat, fire suppression, and human experience
  • Building a fire resilient landscape and community
  • Protection against arson! (3 at Camp Meeker and 1 at St Dorothy’s Rest)
  • Risk of fire from houses burning down

Land management and wildlife habitat

  • Restoring a forest
  • Restoring Dutch Bill Creek - salmon - Coho!

Environmental education

  • Teaching people through programs at CYO, AR, WW, LP, Parish, others?
  • International visitors getting environmental education
  • Caring for creation and following a spiritual pursuit (this is more than just education!)

How to be a resource to each other

  • Fostering collaborative attitudes and efforts
  • Community based grant programs
  • Collaborate on a grant for forest management through Linda Hopkins, District Supervisor
  • Emergency evacuation routes -crossing each other’s properties
  • Giving back to the community, for example: at risk youth and firefighters.
  • Housing for firefighters and victims in emergencies
  • Outreach to rural residents

Next Steps

The group discussed next steps, which included the following activities to get going on right away:

  • Create an email list for all of us to use for communicating
  • Share links and websites
  • Establish working subgroups
  • Rural Outreach: Craig, Dewey, Richard and the Heinleins
  • Flyer – Describing the activities of our neighborhood group and asking for more participation. Who would like to develop?
  • Networking - Sending emails to other parties to join this network. All of us?
  • Coordinate future meetings. Craig offered to check with LandPaths staff for helping coordinate – and also to inquire with Lynda Hopkins’ District Director, Susan Upchurch, per assistance the County could provide us. Shall we say 3 meetings a year? that would be January, May, September
  • Send out a doodle poll to find a date in May, September and January 2020. (LP)
  • Location of next meetings. Everyone offered to host! Thank you!
  • LandPaths to invite this group to upcoming Bohemia stewardship days – in order to see the hand-powered fuel redux work first hand and get to know our neighbors even better.
  • Find out more about COPE, Citizens Organized for People Evacuation (?) Richard might be the lead here.
  • Outreach to rural residents: Craig, Dewey, and Richard volunteered to work with Linda Hopkins (on maternity leave) to establish our neighborhood group into a working body, perhaps like a mini board of supervisors. The Heinleins would also like to participate.
  • Piggyback on existing networks before creating new ones