Restoring the forest and making Camp Meeker fire safe is a large scale, long term project which requires the support of community members and landowners, as well as outside government agencies and non-governmental organizations.

A petition has been organized to demonstrate the support of individual community members to the basic concepts contained in the proposal document. This petition is intended to encourage the involvement of the other groups which are essential to the project.

Any Camp Meeker property owner or resident 16 years old or over is eligible to sign.

The petition is hard-copy only, not online.

There's a copy available for signing on the bulletin board near the Camp Meeker post office, and we also expect that it will be available for signing after a free screening by the Recreation and Park District of the wildfire documentary Wilder Than Wild at Anderson Hall which is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, November 3rd and Saturday, November 17th, times to be determined and advertised on this website and elsewhere. The petition will also be available for signing at the Volunteer Fire Department's BBQ And Bingo event starting at 3PM on November 10th.

We already have about 280 signatures, and we're aiming for a total of 400. Here are just some of the signatures (personal details blurred to preserve privacy):

If you'd like to sign the petition, then please drop in at the post office, or contact Richard Seaman with your name and address so he can drop by and get your signature:

We believe that the petition is very important for the success of this project, so we'd be especially grateful for people who are willing to circulate a petition sheet around a few of their Camp Meeker friends and neighbors. If that's something you could do, then please contact Richard!